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Catalyst for Research

innovation in research


"Science only makes real progress when a new truth finds a soil already prepared to receive it."

- Pëtr Kropotkin


Transforming research into innovative products and services is fundamental for competitiveness at a global level and for addressing societal challenges. In this respect, we work to improve the quality of life of citizens by using Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to make the territory smarter and more livable. In collaboration with the public administration and the local actors we encourage the use of new technology to foster innovation that benefits society and the local economy.


We systematically promote the interaction between research, business and education in order to improve the return on the productive fabric of the territory of research investments.


Trento RISE plays a catalyst role with respect to the local research system, promoting research to drive the internationalization and innovation of the Trentino territory, with the objective of becoming one of the leading hubs in the ICT sector in Europe. To these ends, Trento RISE’s Research Area focusses on:


  • Supporting ICT research through specific project and pilot initiatives aimed at exploring new research directions and boosting the collaboration among local research actors, from both public and private sectors
  • Promoting the Territorial Labs paradigm, meant as territory-wide large facilities making available permanent pools of users and stakeholders, socio-technical infrastructures and territorial data sets to speed up the transition of ICT products and services to the market
  • Research internationalization (e.g. EARTO, E2BA, FIA, EPoSS) facilitating and actively supporting the participation of the Trento RISE research system in major international scientific/technical endeavours, such as the EIT ICT Labs  initiative
  • Fundraising, leveraging on local, nationalEuropean funding programmes and European structural and investing funds in order to finance and enhance the impact of the research and innovation activities carried out by Trento RISE and its partners
  • Developing a common research strategy and policy and joint initiatives with the Trento RISE partners in relation to the main European policies regarding research and innovation (e.g. Horizon 2020, Smart Specialisation)
  • Promotion and strategic positioning of Trento RISE and partners in the context of relevant national (e.g. National Technological Clusters), European initiatives in Smart Cities  (e.g. European Innovation Partnerships) and Active and Healthy Ageing

Research Areas
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