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EIT ICT Labs Italy





Trento RISE is the leading academic actor of the Italian representatives in EIT ICT Labs.

Italy represents nation-wide network of outstanding research, education and business players. Strong local governments that represent some of the most dynamic Italian regions support partners of Italian network. Italian network in EIT ICT Labs also open window over the Mediterranean area, including Israel.









EIT ICT Labs Italy

The European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) is the main instrument of the European Union for promoting development policies based on the knowledge economy. It involves the worlds of economics, academia and science.



In our network on the industrial side, we have key companies that cover the three main areas of ICT: 
Telecom Italia is the major telecom company in Italy and a key player in telecommunications worldwide; Engineering is the largest Italian software company offering IT solutions as a system integrator; STMicroelectronics is a world leader in semiconductors and sensor-based systems, a key player in the hardware, microsystems and embedded systems sector. In addition, Centro Ricerche FIAT is a key player for the application of ICT in the automotive sector.


In our network on the research and education side, the consortium features specific characteristics that complement each other. Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino are leading Technical Universities. They are widely recognized for their knowledge transfer capabilities by driving commercialization of research results through established companies and promoting spin offs. Scuola Superiore S.Anna is a special excellence graduate school with an established history of research, education, and training in the integration of technology, business, and innovation. Università di Bologna embodies research and education in a wide spectrum of scientific areas, including not only ICT but also humanities such as business administration, innovation, law, and social sciences. All of these are key areas for the realization of territorial labs. CNR is the national research institution – the best actor to provide a national dimension to the consortium with institutes distributed all over Italy that can promote the wide diffusion of competences throughout the national territory.


The research and academic partners are backed and supported by strong regions with complementary characteristics that ensures the possibility to fully exploit the innovative potential of EIT ICT Labs @Italy: Politecnico Milano and Torino are in two regions – Lombardia and Piemonte, respectively - where large companies are traditionally rooted, while Scuola S.Anna, Università di Bologna, and Trento RISE are in territories – Toscana, Emilia Romagna, and Trentino - where dynamic and proactive SMEs are deeply rooted.