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Doctoral Training Centre (DTC)


Doctoral Training Centre in ICT for Quality of Life


In order to pursue in-depth collaboration between EIT ICT Labs Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) and business partners, EIT ICT Labs has decided to establish a number of Doctoral Training Centres (DTCs). The specific purpose of a DTC is to provide a multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational platform with a thematic focus that is aligned with one or possibly a couple of EIT ICT Labs Action Lines and with full integration of both technical and business aspects of the doctoral education.


The general DTC implementation is inspired by the Industrial Doctorate Centres (IDCs). They were funded in United Kingdom in 2000, and generalized in 2008 as a development of the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)’s Engineering Doctorate centres. The IDCs provide engineers with an intensive, broadly based research programme, incorporating a taught component, relevant to the needs of industry. This doctorate-level training aims at enabling doctoral students with the ability to innovate and implement their research results in practice.


According to these premises, the Trento DTC in ICT for Quality of Life is intended to offer an innovation-oriented path addressed to Ph.D. candidates with exceptional skills in terms of creativity, entrepreneurial vocation and/or innovation-oriented mentality. The common interest in design for quality of life, innovation, and entrepreneurship shared by the DTC students leads to a multidisciplinary programme with some courses focused on the theme of the Trento DTC (Quality of Life) and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Education. Currently the Trento DTC is open only to doctoral students from the Trento ICT Doctoral School, where they follow the standard doctoral path, including ICT education. Starting from next year participation will be opened to students coming from doctoral school of the universities involved in the EIT ICT Labs activities.


Quality of Life is the theme of the Italian node of the EIT ICT Labs and also of the Trento DTC. This theme is connected to the EIT Action Lines: “Digital Cities of the Future” and “Health & Wellbeing”.


In the Trento DTC students learn from people with relatively diverse background, interact and share ideas and competences from different perspectives towards a same goal: the development of their research ideas into ICT (business) products that can improve people’s life.


The Trento DTC consists of:

  • a multi-disciplinary educational programme focused on Design for Quality of Life as an integration to the ICT courses for Ph.D. students, with a good balance between theoretical and practical approaches;
  • a learning path with the harmonization between the I&E Education, fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and business competences, in seamless interaction with business and research activities;
  • an international network between prestigious universities, research centres and industrial partners.


Network of involved companies

The network of involved companies in the Trento DTC activities consists of the EIT ICT Labs in Italy existing and well-established collaboration network with leading universities, research centres and companies.


In particular Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., STMicroelectronics Srl, Centro Ricerche GPI (CRG), and IBM are the companies located in Trento that supports the Trento DTC .


The Trento DTC also collaborates with several other local companies and start-up companies that the doctoral students are setting up or work for.


In addition, the DTC will seek partnership with:

1. the main innovation centres around the world to:

    • learn innovation from different angles, and
    • build up a global network.

2. organizations in various countries, including developing countries, to help students understand global needs and consistently with the Trento DTC mission to improve quality of life not just in the local territory but everywhere, and especially where needs are greater.




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