Trento RISE

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About us



Rethinking Innovation, Society and Entrepreneurship

These are our keywords.


As a catalyzer of innovation, we strive to contribute to the transformation through Information and Communications Technology (ICT) of Trentino into a competitive and dynamic knowledge economy aimed at sustainable development and quality of life.

Our greatest resources lie in our passionate people who work in research, innovation and high-level professional training. Trento RISE is a core partner of the ICT network within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. We host the seat of the Italian node of the EIT ICT Labs and work in synergy with the five other nodes in the network in Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Eindhoven and Stockholm.


ICT for quality of life is our goal. In order to reach it we work in the following areas:


  • Computing in the cloud - Provision of applications, massive data and infrastructures as services ubiquitously accessible from any device connected to the Internet.
  • Cyber-physical Systems - Cyber-physical systems (CPS) enable the physical world to merge with the virtual leading to an Internet of things, data and services.
  • Digital Cities of the Future - New challenges in the fields of security, environmental issues, transportation systems, water distribution and – more general – resource management to make life easier.
  • Health & Wellbeing - Force a breakthrough based on the Active Healthy Ageing platform concept, an ICT system that incorporates the functional and non-functional aspects in its design.
  • Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Systems - Intelligent mobility: absolutely safe (zero accident) and sustainable (zero emission), with new business opportunities (Apps for your car).
  • Internet Technologies and Architecture - Because of Internet universality, today’s networks are facing various challenges for their future evolutions: scalability, complexity, heterogeneity, trust ability, new business models.
  • Networking Solutions for Future Media - Develop and experiment a powerful and open new ICT infrastructure, capable of delivering rich data, user friendly, competitive, multidisciplinary, ensuring quality of service/experience to end users.
  • Privacy, Security & Trust in Information Society - New privacy-preserving and secure technologies to protect them.
  • Smart Energy Systems - Optimize energy efficiency by enabling the future smart energy infrastructures and their implementation.
  • Smart Spaces - Making living and working more comfortable and efficient.